First Choice Carpet Cleaning
First Choice Carpet Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services In Jacksonville/Gainesville, FL

First Choice Carpet Cleaning is a one-stop solution for your home cleaning needs in the Northern Florida area. We provide intensive care for your home with eco-friendly cleaning products that make your carpets soft and fresh.

Carpet Cleaning

We use a deep steaming cleaning method in all our carpet cleaning jobs. The method includes not just carpet but grout and tile cleaning. In addition, we also provide free spot treatment.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

2 Rooms $75
3 Rooms $95
4 Rooms $125
5 Rooms $165
6 Rooms $185
Sofa $55
Love Seat $50
Sectional $150

Tile & grout cleaning, $.99 per square foot.

First Choice Carpet Cleaning

Pressure Washing

We use adjustable pressure washers depending on the nature of the job. Our projects use high power for outside projects, such as cleaning and removing stains from driveways or building exteriors. We use low-powered washers for cleaning tougher stains in homes and hotels.

Painting Services

Our company offers painting services to help maintain and enhance your home’s interior and exterior. We use environmentally friendly products that give your home a new look while providing a clean and safe space.

First Choice Carpet Cleaning