About Us

First Choice Carpet Cleaning
First Choice Carpet Cleaning

Home Cleaning Company in North Florida

We started First Choice Carpet Cleaning in 1996 to provide professional and quality cleaning services for residential and commercial spaces. Our company is operated on the principle of workmanship and a customer-focused approach to get the job done.

Clean and Happy Homes

We believe that everyone deserves a hygienic and clean space in their home. First Choice Carpet Cleaning offers a spotless cleaning of your home, from carpets to tile cleaning. We pay close attention to small things with our tools and techniques to give you a fresh, clean, and safe home.

Why Choose Us

Our company’s mission is to provide quality cleaning services for our clients with complete transparency. We operate with integrity, do not utilize any hidden fees or business gimmicks, and ensure a positive relationship with our clients.

Core Values

We are a customer-focused company, where your satisfaction and experience are our priority. Our company operates on the core values of integrity, transparency, quality, and professionalism.

First Choice Carpet Cleaning